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The Most Publicised Diseases

We have chosen three of the diseases most frequently referred to by the mass media.

Cancer must surely be at the top of this list. The enormous sums of money invested in cancer research over the years have not produced a cure. We are continually hearing of so-called breakthroughs yet promised cures never materialise. Hence medical practitioners are still faced with the choice of either having to give cancer patients highly toxic, very distressing, treatments or to cut lumps out of them, or both, in an effort to treat the disease. No intelligent person could consider this scientifically or medically advanced. Pharmaceutical companies will not come up with a cure while vivisection exists. It is no wonder therefore that patients are turning away from orthodox medicine. The only answer is a total and immediate ban on all animal experiments – a step-by-step approach merely serves to prolong vivisection. In fact vivisectors generally encourage the idea of replacing and refining, knowing that it will enable them to continue with their animal experiments virtually unhindered while appearing to be seeking ‘alternatives’.

Cancer can be due to a number of causes.

"The cholesterol drug Atromid S is one of those responsible for causing deaths from cancer, as well as liver, gallbladder and intestinal disease."

From ‘Vivisection: Science or Sham’ by Dr Roy Kupsinel, 1990, and ‘Naked Empress’ by Hans Ruesch

“Fifty years ago cancers in childhood were virtually unheard of. Incidences of cancers in childhood, leukaemia, in particular, have since increased at an alarming rate. Having nursed victims of leukaemia and read a great deal of literature on the subject, I have come to agree with those scientists and doctors who believe that leukaemia is caused by x-rays and ultra-scans in the womb.”

Cynthia O’Neill
S.R.N., S.C.M., QN., H.V.

This is a view shared by Dr Robert S Mendelsohn:

“Many obstetricians still insist on x-rays if they don’t quite trust their skill in determining foetal position by palpation – despite the fact that childhood leukaemia has a well-documented link with prenatal radiation exposure”

Robert S Mendelsohn, M.D.
From ‘Confessions of a Medical Heretic’ (see books section).

The following reveals startling facts concerning cancer and vaccination:

“The chief, if not the sole cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination.”

Dr Robert Bell, a famous cancer specialist of the British Cancer Hospital.
From ‘Poisoned Needle’ by Eleanor McBean Ph.D. (see books section)

The following three quotes are from ‘Poisoned Needle’:

“I have removed cancers from vaccinated arms exactly where the poison was injected.”

Dr E J Post of Berlmont, Michigan

“Cancer was practically unknown until cowpox vaccination began to be introduced. I have had to deal with 200 cases of cancer and I never saw a case of cancer in an unvaccinated person.”

W B Clark
New York Press 26th January 1909.

“I am convinced that some 80 per cent of these cancer deaths are caused by the inoculations or vaccinations they have undergone. These are well-known to cause grave and permanent disease of the heart also.”

Dr Herbert Snow, Surgeon of the London Cancer Hospital.

Dr Moneim A Fadali, President of Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, had the following to say concerning the failure of cancer research:

Why didn’t it help to prevent cancer?
Why did it fail to find a cure for cancer?
And why is it doing harm?

“Cancer is dreaded by all. It runs a close second to heart attacks as a cause of death in the US. When it comes to the role of animal experimentation in cancer, vivisectionists present a creative blend of the spurious, the fantastic and the ludicrous. A frenzied litany, monotonous, ambiguous, deceitful. Despite all the vivisectionists’ hullabaloo, the fact of the matter is: vivisection is cancer’s Bermuda Triangle in which our realistic hopes, faithful expectations and confidence in our research institutions have mysteriously disappeared.”

From ‘Animal Experimentation: A Harvest of Shame’ (see books section)

The following quotes are from the book ‘Vivisection or Science’? by Professor Pietro Croce:

Medical doctors and researchers of every country have expressed, in differing words, the same anti-vivisectionist opinion with regard to cancer:

“Some researchers believe that, by animal experiments, they will discover the origin of cancer. As an oncologist, I cannot agree. The quantity of carcinogenic substances that it would be necessary to feed to or inject into the experimental animal is so great that it should be obvious that cancer produced in that way is simply the effect of poisoning.”

Professor Heinz Oeser
Quick, March 1979.

Diabetes is another oft mentioned disease.

“Insulin is a hormone naturally secreted by the pancreas. An abdominal organ situated behind the stomach it secretes certain digestive juices as well. Contrary to the vivisector’s claim, association between diabetes mellitus and pancreatic disease was not established through animal research. It was known for a long time; matter of fact, it was settled by Thomas Crawley as early as 1788.”

Dr Moneim A Fadali
From ‘Animal Experimentation: A Harvest of Shame’ (see books section)

“At the CIBA Foundation, London on July 3rd, Professor Houssay reviewed his group’s work on the influence of sex hormones on the incidence and severity of experimental diabetes in the rat; but he first warned his audience not to accept these results for other animals or for humans.” (Annotation in the Lancet, July 14, 1951, p. 70).

From ‘Slaughter of the Innocent’ by Hans Ruesch (see books section)

There are several known causes of diabetes. One cause is that of side effects resulting from the use of certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Alzheimer’s appears to be a close third in the publicity stakes. Facilities for non-human primate research on the human brain are to be found in practically every country, some of which have been in existence for well over a hundred years. So, why is there still no cure for Alzheimer’s?

“Even the chimpanzee, our closest relative in evolutionary terms, is no model for research on the human brain. The human brain has unique characteristics, at the global – anatomy, structure – as well as the cellular – control and regulation of gene expression – levels, not to speak of our brain’s unique capacity for intellectual activities. And the most dramatic difference by far between humans and any other known species is found in our central nervous system.”

From Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine
Press Release of 26th November 2002.

Certain abnormalities in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and autism have been identified through scanning. Prior to this non-animal tests and the use of human tissue obtained during operations to remove tumours or during other brain surgery, as well as autopsy studies, resulted in the only real progress for understanding the human brain. The following is quoted from Professor Claude Reiss’s testimony to the Cambridge Primates Laboratory hearing:

“I would never test any drugs on any animal species. However, I am about to test them on human lymphocytes and other human cell lines. If some pharmaceutical company wants to test them on animals, or if the authorities ask that the drug be tested on animals, it is up to them to do so. In any event, I would not pay the slightest attention to their results, since they would not be relevant for humans, because, as I have demonstrated rigorously, no animal species can stand as a reliable biological model for another species, humans included.”

Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine
Newsletter number 10’ Winter/Spring 2003.

There are a number of pharmaceutical drugs found to have side effects that can adversely affect the brain. Among those listed for Asendin, prescribed for nerve pain and to prevent migraine headaches (besides a few other conditions), are: ‘slow or difficult speech’ and ‘shuffling walk’.

Vaccination has been cited as another cause of brain damage.

Newsweek for 25 April 1955 says that mental illness is rated ‘by many experts’ as the biggest health problem of the day.

On a troopship returning from the Australian sector after the war, it was reported that 250 of the 400 men aboard, were insane. S Vandecarr. D. C., in an article titled, ‘Who is Insane’? had the following to say concerning a large number of ex-service men and women:

“…Many thousands of these men and women were in perfect health when inducted into the armed forces. They were then given all the ‘shots’ devised by the allopathic laboratories and used without question by the allopathic physicians in the medical corps. Histories of hundreds of cases were ‘written up’ by physicians who followed up the results of immunization in the service. It showed plainly that the inoculations and vaccinations were responsible for the tremendous number of men and women who, soon after being inoculated, had to be discharged as psycho-neurotics. Thousands of these are now filling the mental institutions and few of them will ever again be restored to normal.”

From ‘Poisoned Needle’ (see books section).

There have been a number of press articles about Gulf War veterans claiming that vaccines caused what is termed Gulf War Syndrome. The MoD responded by saying that they spent £4m researching the effect of vaccines: a spokesperson said that they had “….found no adverse effects following administration to marmosets.”

Nor are laboratory animals a good guide for animals generally; the reason being, the laboratory animal is not representative of the free-living animal of the same species. Diet and Lifestyle are so relevant to disease and to its cure that the laboratory situation distorts the results.

Factsheet titled ‘Honest Vets speak out on dog vaccination’ at: www.NemesisAwake.com

Concerning herbalism, unless the herbs are provided in organic plant form, it is wise to exercise caution. Capsules provided by Chinese herbalists are usually manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, and some of these capsules have been found to include substances that are far from herbal.

A note on vaccines:

If vaccines are so safe, why has the government been forced to pay out such massive sums to vaccine damaged children?

A few words on over-the-counter drugs:

It is wise to bear in mind that these, too, are of pharmaceutical origin. Always, it is important to read the labels and to obtain information sheets showing what the drugs actually contain. One or two of the substances are likely to be familiar to you; certain brands of soluble Paracetomol tablets, for example, contain 438 mg Sodium per tablet plus Panadol (the Panadol contains 580 mg Sodium), which could pose significant problems for those on a low salt diet - such as people suffering from oedema. But pharmacists have stated that these tablets have to contain some sodium in order to make them soluble. Additionally, there are a few brands which contain the infamous sweetener Aspartame (E951); one might ask who needs this substance and why? The normal dose of soluble Paracetamol per adult is two tablets, therefore 580 x 2 = 1160 mg P, 438 x 2 = 876 mg S. It states, in very small print, on the second page of the NEOLAB Ltd patient information leaflet "..and may be harmful to people on a low sodium diet." This warning should be on the box in large bold letters or the front page of the leaflet. But let us not forget the Aspartame. How much Aspartame do the tablets contain? Amount unspecified!

NB: In a 2003 BBC online report, under the heading Painkillers 'cause kidney damage', the following concerns were expressed with regard to Paracetamol:

"..Extremely large doses of paracetamol can cause acute renal failure, usually when taken as a suicide attempt. And there is some anxiety that if large doses can cause disease in many subjects, lower doses may cause it in a few subjects."

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